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= Redis Documentation = `Russian Translation <http://pyha.ru/wiki/index.php?title=Redis:index>`_Hello! The followings are pointers to different parts of the Redis Documentation. Getting started ===============

Full programming examples

FAQs and benchmarks

  • The benchmark page is about the speed performances of Redis.
  • Our FAQ contains of course some answers to common questions about Redis. Not very up-to-date.

HOWTOs about selected features


  • The Protocol Specification is all you need in order to implement a Redis client library for a missing language. PHP, Python, Ruby and Erlang are already supported.
  • Look at Redis Internals if you are interested in the implementation details of the Redis server.

Recipes and books

  • The Redis Cookbook is a collaborative effort to provide some good recipe.
  • There is an ongoing effort to write a Redis book for O’Reilly

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